Ingenting försvinner, allt finns kvar, text piece (2013)
"TRÅD is a biannual fanzine focusing on the subject of innovation and sustainability in fashion. It features articles by designers and other creatives within the field of fashion and textiles."My contribution is a text piece about Granliden mittens, time, upcycling material, and site specificity. Read more about the project as a whole at
The Last Girl in the Woods, installation (2012-2013)
Granliden Mittens - Indigo dye
The Pine Cone Bag (2013)
"Scallops" wallpaper, part of the collection Curated by Fine Little Day for Photowall Sweden (2013)
The Last Girl in the Woods
Self published zine (2013)
Available in the Bergslagsgatan shop.
16 pages, edition of 10.
Oh Lilac
Instagram photograph (2012)
Lokalpatrioten på Sandfallsberget
Digital photograph (2011)
Excerpt from self-published zine The Last Girl in the Woods (2012)